The Digital Transformation
is Here!

The next generation has had smartphones in their hands since kindergarten and a culture that revolves around social media. Cyber attacks are as real a threat as digital obsolescence.  The traditional roles of C-suite executives must evolve with the times. Responsibilities are shifting, and new skill sets are needed to effectively manage what lies ahead.  Written by a dynamic thought leader with a deep understanding of global Internet policy and the ways it will impact how you do business, Digital in the Boardroom will help you create your leadership vision, eliminate the status-quo culture, and discover the opportunities of a proactive approach.

Covering everything digital, from learning to discern signs of change, to taking charge of cybersecurity, and revolutionizing your marketing strategy, this book will help you bring your boardroom into the digital age and prepare your company for the future of the Internet. This accessible guide for senior executives and board members shines a light on what you need to know about the digital landscape, how to predict future trends, and what boards should consider in managing digital across the organization.  Author Jennifer Wolfe, helps those in C-suite positions break down status-quo culture and shatter the silos that are holding their companies back in order to better meet the demands of a complex and rapidly changing digital environment with more collaborative and open processes.  

 In Digital in the Boardroom, Wolfe, a true leader on the future of the Internet, draws upon her unique background as a trusted advisor to c-suite executives, tech start-up entrepreneur, intellectual property lawyer, and expert in public relations, process improvement, and global Internet policy to provide you with valuable insights, including:

• Signals of change
• The next generation of the Internet and new top-level domains
• Cybersecurity
• Social networking
• Content
• Data optimization
• How to manage digital at the board level

In this era of the digital transformation, it’s up to top-level executives to create a strategy to take on what’s to come - this book shows you how.