Brand Rewired

Connecting Branding, Creativity, and Intellectual Property Strategy

By Jennifer Wolfe

“How do Procter & Gamble and Google and companies like them build a billion dollar brand? They design strong intellectual property strategy into their innovation and branding processes through the power of collaboration and interdisciplinary teams. Whether a company is maintaining a brand that has endured for more than 100 years, such as Tide, or creating a new brand that will capture the attention of the world, such as Google, a rewired branding process can provide key competitive advantages.”

-- From Chapter 1 of Brand Rewired

Consider this: it’s generally accepted that to achieve an increase in margin, market share, revenue, and market value, a company must innovate and create for consumer needs and wants. But renowned IP strategists Anne Chasser and Jennifer Wolfe argue in Brand Rewired that in the future—i.e, now—companies must add another layer of thinking to the creative process: an interdisciplinary approach that considers long-lasting intellectual property from the start of the creative process.

If the brand process is approached this way, you will get the job done faster, utilize fewer resources, reduce costs and increase the likelihood of success. Intelligent and timely, this book takes a look at:

  • The driving trends in intellectual asset valuation—and why they should matter to you
  • Insider secrets for a strong intellectual property-branding portfolio
  • Why intellectual property—product name, logo, slogan, product design and packaging, and copy—must be integrated into the creative process
  • What your company must do to avoid potential lawsuits and increased costs
  • How a multi-disciplinary Brand Rewired approach can reduce your costs and increase your return on investment

Featuring surprisingly revealing interviews with executives from leading worldwide companies including Procter & Gamble, Kodak, Yahoo!, Kraft Foods, Kimberly Clark, Harley-Davidson, General Mills, LPK, J.Walter Thompson, Scripps Networks Interactive, Northlich and more, this book is not another IP strategy guide. This is the strategic direction every brand manager, marketing professional, intellectual property lawyer, valuation professional, intellectual asset manager, intrapreneur or entrepreneur needs to gain a step on the competition.

Want to see our economy make a sustainable recovery from its current financial crisis? Want your business to survive in this century? Get Brand Rewired. To download a summary article of Brand Rewired, click here. To purchase the book, click here.

Brand Rewired was endorsed by Chris Thoen, Managing Director, Global Open Innovation Office at Procter and Gamble:

“Brand Rewired is a must read for everyone who wants to create sustainable brand value. Anne and Jennifer provide an insightful view on how a stronger brand can be built and more long term value can be created.”